Welcome to Andreas' camcorder and VIRB Elite clips. Feel free to download these files and use as you see fit, with proper attribution. In particular the timelapse videos may be useful for flight instructors or ground instructors.

I've split them up into different subpages, and I will add more in the future.

My pages are in reverse-chronological order, so the most recent events are at the top.

Please use a big screen to view my pictures and clips from my VIRB Elite and camcorder. You won't have fun on a small screen or mobile device.

This page shows various timelapse videos I've recorded from my balcony. I live on a mountain, facing East, with Manhattan in the far background. I've added several comments and explanations that could be useful for other flight instructors and weather-interested pilots. They're all done with my VIRB Elite cam. VIRB Elite Time Lapses

This page shows various snow/ice melt clips I've recorded with my Panasonic camcorder. We had a fairly strong winter in New Jersey, and I found it interesting to see layers of snow and ice melt on awnings, slide forward, and then either break apart before falling down, or just falling down in one piece. When I saw something move, I quickly moved the camcorder to that "slide" and taped it. Winter 2014 / 2015

This page shows various clips with fawns I've seen in front of my building. It seems in extremely cold weather and deep snow they come up the hill for foraging, and when the winter is still "normal", they go down again. I've only seen them up here on top of the mountain when the snow was deep and it was very cold. Fawns

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