Lake George, Fort Ticonderoga, Take-Off at Burlington, and Flight from Burlington back to Fort Ticonderoga

I flew with Teressa over beautiful Lake George, at the end of it you're directly over Fort Ticonderoga. Then we took off in Burlington and flew back, and we flew right over Fort Ticonderoga again.

And here are the clips: This is over Lake George:
Clip 1

Here I make a turn to the right, to get a better view over Fort Ticonderoga. At 0:26 I start the turn, and then you can see the fort coming in. Pretty small, heh?
Clip 2

This is Teressa's take-off on runway 15 in Burlington. We then flew South towards Fort Ticonderoga again.
Clip 3

Here comes the fort again.
Clip 4

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