Cape May

I flew to Cape May, NJ, to visit the waterpark at the pier. I'm still having problems setting the camera straight under my wings. The holders from Garmin have grooves, so when I screw it tight, then the camera is tilted to the right or the left, I can't get it straight. I count 20 grooves, that means 18 degrees per groove, so it seems my camera is always tilted either 9 degrees to the left or 9 degrees to the right.

And here are the clips: Here is my take-off at Morristown:
Clip 1

I was giving a "line-up and wait", and from 1:29 to 1:39 you can see the arriving aircraft on runway 5 gliding in (you see him again 2:08 - 2:15 at taxiway Foxtrott). Then the rest of the clip is basically some NJ aerials, and you can see Manhattan in the background, 2:37 - 3:00.

Then I was overflying Mc Guire AFB. I think I got a good view of those Globemasters:
Clip 2

This is my take-off in Cape May. At the left margin you can see a B-25 bomber from 0:33 to 0:45 on left downwind that I was talking to that was taking people for the museum's open day. I had announced my take-off, but he missed it, but then he saw me when I told him I was rolling and should be out of his hair any moment. Then for the rest of the clip you see me rolling a bit right and left, I wanted to capture the East and West coasts of that Southern NJ peninsula.
Clip 3

Here I'm coming back, overflying Mc Guire AFB again. This one I flew directly to the VOR with the autopilot, and then outbound from the VOR with the autopilot on the direct course to Morristown.
Clip 4

This is my landing in Morristown, nothing really too exciting. The sun provides for too much glare.
Clip 5

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