Flight to Groton / New London airport

I flew from my home base Morristown to the Groton / New London airport in CT. To test a few things with my autopilot, I needed some ten minutes with a VOT, and unfortunately NJ has not a single VOT in the whole state! So I flew to Groton, as it has a VOT listed in the AfD (so does Bridgeport, but the airport charged me a landing fee last time, and as the wx was more than beautiful, I decided to combine that with a longer flight). On the way back I shot a few clips again from my Mooney. The first two were from my front-facing camera, but as I was heading directly into the sun, it was full of glare (as I had already expected in the plane). However, I put them up here nonetheless, because a bug was directly on the front of the glass of my camera, I think it ended up being actually quite funny. So the first two clips show you what the beautiful CT coastline looks like through a dead bug into glaring sunlight helo.

Dead bug in glare helo clips 1 and 2, at 4500 ft:
Clip 1
Clip 2

Due to the glare I've shot 8 clips through my rear-facing camera. They came out wonderful! Here I am abeam East Haven / New Haven:
Clip 3

Here you can see the Bridgeport airport (and the city of Stratford):
Clip 4

more Bridgeport in the back, and here you can also see the city of Bridgeport itself at the left:
Clip 5

Here I am abeam Darien/Rowayton. You can see Cockenoe Island, Goose Island, Grassy Island, Betts Island, and the Eastern part of Chimon Island.
Clip 6

Here I am in the middle of the bay. I'm heading towards NYC, and I'm descending from 4500 ft. to 2800 ft. (as NY class B begins at 3000 ft for the outer ring). I had to fly a bit more over the water as the White Plains / West Chester class D airport has a Southern extension. Although talking to the controllers is actively enouraged, White Plains is usually too busy to make this productive, so I normally just fly around White Plains. On the right you can see distinctly the four power stacks at Northport Basin on the N side of Long Island. As the boat comes in, I'm abeam Glen Cove / Mamaroneck.
Clip 7

more of Glen Cove:
Clip 8

I'm now back over land. What you see at the left is Mamaroneck, the bay is Harbor Island Park, and then comes the Winged Foot Country Club with the water tower distinctly visible.
Clip 9

This is a long one, almost 8 minutes and 1.1GB big. At the beginning you see the Arthur Manor area and Reservior Number One. At the right you see higher buildings in New Rochelle. Around 0:51 Grassy Sprain Reservoir comes in. At 1:53 the Hudson comes in. I get on the NJ side over the Alpine mountain. Then comes the Oradell Reservoir, I fly directly over it for its whole length. Then Emerson Golf Club becomes visible as well as the city of Emerson.
Clip 10

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