PALS Flight Oswego, NY --> Seneca, OH

This was a PALS flight, a relay of three pilots, starting in Maine and ending in Chicago. I had the middle leg and picked Oswego, NY, and Seneca, OH, as hand-over points, due to fuel prices. On my flight we had great visibility, but also strong headwinds, so I needed almost 3 hours for the 332 nm flight. Our patient was a pancreatic cancer survivor.

This is on my first leg, a flight from Morristown, NJ, to Oswego, NY. I'm passing by Highpoint, the highest point in the state of NJ:
Clip 1

I have a certain fascination for VORs, and I was passing by the Hancock VOR very closely. Here is Hancock, the small pond behind is Russell Lake:
Clip 2

This is the Syracuse airport from the air:
Clip 3

This is the city of Erie, PA:
Clip 4

This is the city of Erie, PA, as well as the Erie International Airport:
Clip 5

This is the city of Cleveland, OH, from over the water:
Clip 6

Quiz question: at the end of my Cleveland clip you can see my left wing with a certain livery (white, with red and blue trim stripes). Does that remind you of another prominent plane? Hint: just watch the clip to the end. That's a recording I made from the ground on the 2015 Cleveland airshow (no, not on this Cleveland trip, I was there for the airshow on Sep 7).

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