Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

I requested from Morristown direct Newark, then direct to the Statue of Liberty, then northbound over the Hudson, and Newark approved. Newark tower gave me 1500, cross the airport at the 22 runway numbers (that's a fairly typical assignment for this type of request from Newark), and then to the Statue. They kept me at 1500 at the time, he offered me 2000, but I found 1500 better for recording aerial footage, and he also indicated 1500 would be better. After I passed the Statue, he handed me over the LaGuardia tower, and N of the George Washington Bridge I was handed over to other departure controllers. After a while, around the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge (high 84), I was handed over to Albany approach, as my destination was Hudson/Columbia, 1B1.

This is the longest clip, 2.6 GB, from take-off in KMMU to being around the Alpine Tower.
Clip 1

I like this area, because the Hudson makes rather interesting curves. Here you see the Indian Point Energy Center, Buchanan, and the Bear Mountain Bridge (high 202)
Clip 2

This is the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and Poughkeepsie. At the left are the Adirondacks:
Clip 3

Here I am coming up abeam the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge (high 199). I wanted to record the Old Rhinebeck and Sky Park airports. Old Rhinebeck had three experimental aircraft in the pattern, flying multiple loops. They're very hard to see, from 1:28 - 1:30 you can see one of the small airplanes. I was at 3500, fairly high to see small airplanes when your camera is set to wide lense. Old Rhinbeck is the green field that hits the left border at 1:29. Sky Park is also hard to see from the E as its E side has a long tree line:
Clip 4

Here I am on the return flight, I flew back the same route as I came. Here I'm passing Manhattan downtown. It's a big shakey:
Clip 5
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