Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

I requested from Morristown direct Newark, then direct to the Statue of Liberty, then northbound over the Hudson, and Newark approved. Newark tower gave me 1500, cross the airport at the 4 runway numbers (that's a fairly typical assignment for this type of request from Newark), and then to the Statue. They kept me at 1500 at the time, later he climbed me to 2000. After I passed the Statue, he handed me over to the LaGuardia tower. I flew "parallel" with a female heli pilot for a while, at the GW she slowed down and made a turn back Southwards over the Hudson.

This is the longest clip, about 1.6 GB. I start recording when over the Bayonne area, this time facing rearwards. First you see the docks, at 1:21 the Verrazano comes in, at 1:37 the Lady comes in, at 1:57 a small white plane and a dark heli kick in at the bottom, at 2:15, as the red heli disappears at the right side, another (black) heli pops in below that heli, at 2:19 you see the Southern tip of Manhattan coming in, and at 2:27 I pass the World Trade Center. Then I fly on the Eastern side of the Hudson River, northbound. Too many things to describe in detail. At 3:48 you see what must be some kind of regatta with small boats with white sails. I have a heli at my altitude and at my speed, at my 9 o'clock, but that's not in the view of the camera. At 7:19 the GW comes in, and at 7:36 you see a heli at my altitude at the right side, slowing down and making a turn Southbound again. We were flying parallel since downtown.
Clip 1

Here is more footage over the Hudson, facing rearwards to the South, as I head North. At 1:17 I pass the Tappan Zee (which is under construction, as you can see from the many boats). After the Tappan Zee I was able to climb 3500, you see me climbing later in the clip.
Clip 2

The following clips are from my return flight from Columbia/Hudson County. This time I'm using the forward-facing camera. I liked the sunset and the glow in the back, but they did turn out a bit dark, and with the wide angle setting there is too much wing in the clips, and the horizon bends.
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8
Clip 9
Clip 10

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