Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

This day was absolutely photography weather! A crisp, cold winter evening, not even a cloud in the sky, nothing but a canopy of stars above!

As usual, I requested from Morristown direct Newark, then direct to the Statue of Liberty, then northbound over the Hudson. Newark tower gave me 1500, cross the airport at the 4 runway numbers (that's a fairly typical assignment for this type of request from Newark), and then to the Statue. Both Newark tower as well as LaGuardia tower kept me at 1500 all the time. Once LaGuardia handed me over, I was already allowed to climb 3500. If you just want to see Manhattan/Newark from the air at night, advance to clip 8. You probably won't find clips 1 through 7 as exciting and 8 and 9.

It was a very busy day, here is the traffic situation as I was between the Newark airport and the northern part of Bayonne:

Traffic 20151108

Here I'm flying northbound over the Hudson, after having passed Manhattan already. You can see the George Washington Bridge in the background. I'm climbing from 1500 to 3500, they gave me a climb pretty early.
Clip 1

Here I just passed the Tappan Zee. You can see plenty of ships, as they are building a new, parallel bridge alongside the current Tappan Zee. I'm near 3500.
Clip 2

More Tappan Zee, Hudson River, and Long Island Sound in the background:
Clip 3

And more:
Clip 4

I'm now East of the Hudson, direct to the Kingston VOR, 3500:
Clip 5

And more:
Clip 6

Here is my landing in Columbia. Quite an interesting perspective, I think, given that the camera is facing rearwards. It may look like a fast approach, but this is 65 knots on final, and you can see at the top of the clip that my flaps are out. At 0:51 you can see a puff of smoke as I touch down.
Clip 7

Now come the night clips, starting at the Tappan Zee, over the Hudson, passing LaGuardia, passing Manhattan, crossing the Statue, crossing over Newark, and then back to Morristown, landing, and taxi. I started recording this clip a bit earlier than usual, I turned on recording when approaching the Tappan Zee. Clips 8 and 9 are an extremely wide-angle setting, it almost provides a "fish-eye" effect. I find this focus setting quite interesting, albeit a bit "experimental", next time I'll record with a normal focus setting, and also one with a bit of a zoom, that way I have basically the same footage at different focus settings. If you find the beginning a bit boring, advance to 7:30, where I'm approaching the George Washington Bridge. When I was abeam LaGuardia, the controller instructed me to descend to 1500 at once (I was given 2000 by the previous controller), as an Airbus had gone missed on runway 31. I went down to 1500 quickly, and after a while (10:43 in the clip, coming in at the top right) I could see that Airbus, as it climbed and then turned left (South) and then overtook me on the right. Then she thanked me and asked me which altitude I want, I left it in her choice, and then she sent me back to 2000 as that is their preferred altitude for a hand-over to Newark tower. I climbed and proceeded over the Hudson. At the Statue I turned right (West) to proceed direct to Newark. I was given the usual procedure, to cross the 4 numbers. I saw about ten aircraft on a long final for 4R. As I overfly the airport, I had one plane landing directly under me. If you don't know where it is, then it may be hard to see, but in the 18:04-18:17 range you can see its light reflection in the water, and then the aircraft becomes clearly visible at the bottom. Once I crossed Newark, I was given 290, as Teterboro was using the ILS 6 and had dozens of aircraft lined up directly in my way. Newark tower kept me a bit more to the South with a 290 heading, as the Teterboro aircraft were descending on final, and I was supposed to stay below their glidepath. I picked one and then was flying below and behind it to cross the Teterboro approach final runway 6.
Clip 8

Here I proceed towards Morristown. At 4:35 you can see me turn final, at 6:33 I turn on my landing light, at 6:50 you can see my left strobes becoming visible (runway reflection), and at 8:30 you can see the next plane on runway 5 as I taxi back in.
Clip 9

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