Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

This day was again absolutely perfect photography weather! A crisp, cold winter evening, not even a cloud in the sky, nothing but a canopy of stars above! This time I took the "Zoom 1" setting for the focal length.

I took off on runway 34 on Westchester. I flew direct to the Tappan Zee Bridge, you can see it coming in around 2:07. Then I turn left, and can already see the glow of the Newark area in the distance (it's actually Newark -- city and airport --, not Manhattan!). Then I think you can safely skip to about 8:23 when you can see a LaGuardia 31 departure and the George Washington starts to become visible. You see a few more LaGuardia 31 departures coming in afterwards. I overfly the George Washington at 12:37. Then I head direct to the Statue, and over the Statue I turn right direct to the Newark airport. I was given the numbers procedure again with the 4 runways (pretty much their standard procedure for overflying their airport). You see a plane starting the roll on 4L for departure at 19:51 and a plane on short final for landing around 20:30 for 4R. You can see more planes lined up for the 4 runways. Around 21:00 Newark main terminal building is becoming more visible. Note the blinking lines between the runways. Another roll starts on 4L, you can see his lights coming on at 21:38, and he starts the roll at 21:43. From now on you can see the main terminal and the cargo terminal in "full bloom". I was given 290 until he turns me, so I continue on that heading, and then this clip ends. Continue with clip 2.

I got "below 2000" from Westchester, stayed at 1800, then NY Approach got me down to 1500, then LaGuardia tower got me up to 2000, and then Newark tower got me back down to 1500 where I stayed until Newark tower cancelled me. Around 15:02, that's near the South end of Central Park and the Northern end of midtown, you can see me "dip down" to descend 2000 --> 1500, a bit more "aggressively" than I'd normally initiate a descent, but in NY class B airspace you should be a bit more "agile".

And look how colorful midtown Manhattan is, and look at the crisp, clear colors and contours are at the World Trade Center / Goldman Sachs region are.
Clip 1

Nothing too exciting for a while. At 7:27 I turn on my landing lights, at 7:29 the runway comes in.
Clip 2

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