Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time, and practice instrument approach into Orange County

These recordings are, in my opinion, the best twilight clips I've ever made from the Newark airport, Statue, Hudson, and Manhattan skyline. I did this flight to combine two things: another wonderful Newark/Statue/Manhattan/Hudson tour, and an ILS practice approach into Orange County with my autopilot in LOC mode. Three days ago I did a flight review, and we threw in a practice ILS approach into 3 in Orange County. This time I wanted to fly the same approach, but fly the final with my autopilot in LOC mode.

I start the camera as I taxi onto the runway. The weather was beautiful again, clear, crisp winter air. I then head over to Newark, then the Statue, then alongside Manhattan, and from the Tappan Zee following the Hudson River on the Eastern side. The forward-facing camera is under my right wing, and I overfly the Newark airport on the Northern side, so most of the airport is directly visible in the first clip (airport terminal, tower, the runways). I was advised of a four-mile traffic at my ten, an Embraer, I confirmed I saw him (a 165), and from 8:06 you can see him landing on 22L for a few seconds. Then to the Statue, then alongside Manhattan. From about 10:57 onwards you can see a red/white heli (almost directly in the center of the display). We both confirmed to Newark Tower that we saw each other. As I approached the LaGuardia airspace, he descended me to 1500. I first asked for verification, because I knew from the transmissions he'd be below me, and I could see on my ADS-B In display, that he was 300 ft. below me. Newark confirmed he sees me, and he'd be a mile behind me, I confirmed and descended 1500. Also note the color play of the twilight. As I fly North over the Hudson, the sky turns more towards pink. Once I leave the Tappan Zee area, it turns dark very quickly. From 16:30 on you can see the Cloister (that's where the movie Coogan's Bluff with Clint Eastwood was made, inside the Cloister, and the surrounding areas. By the way, you can even get an inside tour of the Cloister on Google Streetview. They've actually filmed the inside!). I got 2000, and after LaGuardia Tower handed me over, I requested 3500 when able, and I got it pretty much immediately. After a while, he tells me of a Cessna at my 11, and once I saw him I confirmed. You can see him from about 20:00 onwards. Around 22:50 I overfly the Tappan Zee.
Clip 1

Here it is getting darker and darker pretty quickly. I've started the flight in a decent amount of sunlight, and the second clips ends in total darkness. After the Tappan Zee I wanted to head straight to Orange County, and I got that. The approach chart indicates the 126 degree radial of Huguenot, and once I intercepted that, I flew straight towards Huguenot with my autopilot. I heard two pilots talking on the Orange Country CTAF, and I decided to let them do their stuff, and once they're away, I'd fly the ILS 3. Winds were 6 from 170, so they took runway 21 for landing, which doesn't have an ILS, so I waited. The first landed immediately, the second did practice approaches on 21. Around 16:17 you see me turning left, I had crossed the FAC and flew outbound for a longer final, to give my autopilot in LOC mode some time to stabilize. I'm turning directly through the sun setting. Once the second pilot ("Skipper") reported back on downwind, I asked him how many he'd still do, and he replied that this would be his last one. I proceeded, outbound on the West side of the FAC, and once he reported leaving the runway, I turned left and let the autopilot intercept the FAC. I switched to TRK mode, and after a while into LOC mode. From about 22:25 onwards (look for the reddish "glow" with a white blinking light next to it) you can see the runway in Orange County. I had some notable winds from the W or NW, so I'm tracking a bit to the E of the localizer. Unfortunately the VIRB Elite camera stops recording a clip after 23:56, so the landing is not actually recorded. I'll do this again!
Clip 2

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