Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

These recordings are, in my opinion, the best daylight / sunshine clips I've ever made from the Newark airport, Statue, Hudson, and Manhattan skyline.

I start the camera as I taxi onto the runway. The weather was beautiful again, clear, crisp winter air. I then head over to Newark, then the Statue, then alongside Manhattan, and from the Tappan Zee flying around the New York class B airspace to Sky Manor. When I was getting really close to the 500 ft. circle of Newark class B airspace and still didn't have a hand-over, Morristown tower called me, and I heard a supervisor tell the controller I was talking to "you need to turn him dead South RIGHT NOW!", and then I got that heading assignment from him. I turned South, you see that around 3:30. The hand-over to Newark tower didn't take too long, I then slowly turn towards the Newark airport and was given the 4 numbers for crossing. I was given traffic around 2 o'clock, 800, an Embraer and we both saw him pretty soon. You can see him around 7:28 crossing the fence. Outbound from the Newark airport towards the Statue, he told us that I should ensure I'll be exactly at 1500, there were numerous targets circling in the vicinity of the Statue. And indeed, it was a busy traffic situation. I made this screenshot over the Jersey City / Bayonne peninsula (midway between the Newark airport and the Statue):

Traffic 20151129

Over the Hudson we had a heli flying directly below us for the entire trek up to the George Washington Bridge. I saw him on my ADS-B In display, he was constantly under us, some 300 - 400 ft. below. The yellow color indicates it's an immediate threat:

Traffic 20151129

Before the GW we could see him, he turned away with a left 180. At 14:58 you see a different heli coming in at the West side of the Hudson that stays ahead of us all the time, and he was much lower. You see him (and his shadow in the water) turning left 180 around 19:24 after passing the GW.
Clip 1

We're approaching the Tappan Zee. As we get closer, you can clearly see the "parallel" bridges they are building, next to the Tappan Zee. After passing the Tappan Zee, I've turned 300, and then slowly further left, until we were heading direct to Sky Manor. New York gave me a bad hand-over again. Although my direct route wouldn't even been through Caldwell or Morristown, he gave me frequencies and instructions on how to go through the Caldwell and Morristown class D airspaces. I told him I'd rather fly around, and after the next hand-over, the next New York approach controller handed me over to Morristown nonetheless. New York really ought to find a system to learn the game plan, instead of providing useless frequencies and wrong hand-overs, especially as their frequencies are so congested.
Clip 2

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