Newark Airport, Statue, Verrazano, then Southern Shoreline of Long Island, Landing Farmingdale

Again a perfect wx day!

In the past when I flew to Farmingdale from Morristown, I flew around NY class B airspace to the N. I flew a bit of a semicircle, so I wouldn't have to fly right through class B airspace. Generally I don't do that, generally I prefer to fly direct through the airspace, I see no use in wasting time and fuel, and, thus, money, but this time I learnt that with the NY class B airspace this may still be the best way to do this. I see this as a problem of every NY facility doing their own thing and just handing over to the next, without anyone thinking of the overall "game plan" of the pilot. I had reported about this in earlier pages on this site.
I wanted to fly fairly direct from Morristown to Farmingdale to pick up Shawn and requested direct, and Newark Tower let me into class B airspace, but then I really didn't get direct. Newark tower then sent me S to the Verrazano, then handed me over to JFK Tower, and she descended me to "500 and below" along the shoreline. This was exactly what I wanted to prevent. I find extended flight at 500 AGL utterly inadvisable, to say the least. Yet, I had no choice anymore, it was too late, I was already on the "South way around", and as I hadn't flown along the shoreline of Long Island at 500 ft. since Oct 2000, I think this one time, last time, I'll simply do it instead of changing the game plan.

Another rather strange encounter was a VLJ blasting at 140 - 160 knots at 1300 over the Hudson River Exclusion Zone. Two aircraft reported that plane to Newark Tower around the Verrazano, and then the Newark Tower Controller gave several other aircraft heads-up warnings about that plane. Jet traffic is permitted in the NY SFRA, I can't find anything in part 93 that would prohibit jet traffic in the SFRA, which I find quite dangerous. I have typed in several dialogs regarding this jet traffic encounter from the audio file and outsourced in a separate file: Jet in the SFRA.

So here in Clip 1 you see me taking off in Morristown, then towards Newark airport, the Newark climbed me 2000, then I overfly the airport (great aerial footage of the airport, start, for example, at 6:30). The tower had told me of a 737 at 3 miles, which I acknowledged. You can see it on short final coming in at 7:53 at the left margin. Then outbound towards the Statue. The following two screenshots show how busy the Hudson was ... mostly on the East side. I basically had a full line of traffic directly on front of me. In full map view:

Traffic 20151205

And also showing on the traffic display:

Traffic 20151205

Then right turn towards the Verrazano, and I made another screenshot, showing all that traffic behind me:

Traffic 20151205

then left turn and descen, alongside the shoreline. You can see numerous helis as I fly over the bay. Then I overly the Verrazano ("VZ" in pilot speak), I turn left, and then Newark tower descended me to 1000 and handed me over to Kennedy tower. She then descended me, she gave me 500 or below along the shoreline (which was the routing and altitude I liked the least -- see above). I turn left, towards the shoreline and descend. Well, at least I get beautiful coastline footage -- from the "inner shoreline" and the "outer shoreline". I fly right over the Marine Parkway Bridge, between the (long closed Floyd Bennett Field and Riis Park). By now I'm fairly low, in the following you can see what 500 ft. looks like. I follow the outer shoreline, along the beach, at 500. Then come Atlantic Beach and Long Beach. After a while you can see Kennedy traffic coming in, I saw a 767 and a 747 on final for one of the two 31 runways.
Clip 1

I proceed along the shoreline at 500 ft., coming towards Lido Beach. Then I come directly over the West End parking lot. I follow the shoreline and 909E. Then comes the tower of Jones Beach State Park. Then comes the John F Kennedy Wildlife Memorial Park. I begin to turn left and climb a little, because I'm getting into the area above which NY class B airspace begins at 4000 -- I feel much better getting a bit higher. Now I overfly mostly marshland and trying to get on frequency with Farmingdale. I couldn't get in for a while, so around the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge I started to fly a few circles after a while as I didn't want to get too far East. Farmingdale was ONE BUSY class D tower again. Finally, I got in, and he gave me a left base entry for 32, and I proceeded towards that point (you see me starting a steeper turn to the left around 9:16), crossing the extended centerline actually, and I could see on my ADS-B In display that a straight-in would become more and more the better choice. As I got closer, he told me to make a straight in, and then yelled at me "straight in". I hadn't done anything wrong, but it tells me just how busy this airport is during daytime in very good wx, causing the controllers to be very stern in getting the pilots to do what they want. I proceeded, and I was getting closer and closer to a Piper in front of me. I was preparing for a go-around, but then the controller gave me a minimum airspeed slow-down, which I started immediately. I then kept pitching up to slow down, lowered my landing gear, went full flaps, and I was getting slower and slower. And this lovely Mooney does all this perfectly, I was pretty quickly down to 65knots and saw how the Piper was flying away from me again. I kept descending, and I could proceed without any problems. You can see this developing around 13:00, where I start a drastic power reduction (you can see it in the prop, and hear the change in airflow sound). If you want to spot the Piper, try 13:36, you can see him just above the number 2 (of the 32), somewhat to the right. He exits the runway at 14:01, when I am still some 150 ft. above the runway ("over the fence"), I felt it was safe to proceed, a go-around would have been possible at any time. Short final, I glide in, main wheels touching down at 14:14, and you can see the shadow of my nose landing gear, still in the air for a few seconds. The Piper left the runway at A5, I could see it from the air and continued on short final and didn't go around. After I landed, I also followed him on A5. Then I taxi to the main terminal. I think you can probably skip the rest of the clip after my landing.
Clip 2

This screenshot shows how busy Farmington was: I'm on the ground, and you can see three aircraft on final for runway 32, and three aircraft on right and left downwinds:

Traffic 20151205

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