Hudson River Tour, the umpteenth Time

This time the wx wasn't quite as perfect. There was some low-level haze, up to 4000 perhaps. Nonetheless, great enough to record more aerial footage.

On this flight I've recorded with BOTH of my VIRB Elite cameras, the left camera was facing backwards. So for this flight I have two forwards-facing clips and two rearwards-facing clips.

I take off and head towards Newark. Then I overfly the airport, then towards the Statue, then alongside Manhattan over the Hudson to the North.

The following clip starts with the take-off, facing forward:
Clip 1

This clip starts after passing the Newark airport, facing backwards:
Clip 2

This shows the traffic situation when I was about midtown Manhattan. Garmin Pilot nicely shows the terrain/obstacle warnings with yellow and red X marks in the midtown area:

Traffic 20151206

Here I proceed. Forward:
Clip 3

Clip 4

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