Flight to Squam Lake (NH) for LightHawk

This flight was for LightHawk. The Squam Lakes Association wanted some aerial "swipes" over Squam Lake, to get an idea how many boats there are on the lake in the summer.

The video starts shortly after take-off in 5M3 (Moultonboro, NH), where I had landed to fill up with low-cost fuel, mount my cameras and turn them on. I then make a left turn to get around the Red Hill mountain that is directly between the Moultainboro airport and Squam lake (you can see a somewhat "stretched U" SW of the airport -- I fly a wide right turn around it). My overflight over Squam lake starts around 5:22 -- I head towards Merriman Forest, towards the Red Hill mountain, make a left turn, to start my "swipes" over the lake. This is shortly after 3 pm EDT.
Clip 1

I end over the SWern end of the lake, around 9:00. I keep the rest of clip, that's me setting up for the return flight to KMMU.
Clip 2

flightaware has a nice trace. Note that the lake you see is actually Lake Winnipesauke, not Squam Lake, which itself is not shown. But you see my "swipes" over it.

Squam Lake

Here are both flights in full length:

Squam Lake

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