Formation Flight with Chris and Linda

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

I experimented with the timelapse settings again, this is in 15x. I think a recording at normal speed can be boring, and if 15x is too fast for the viewer, he can always reduce the playback speed.

Flew formation with Chris' Beech Travelair. He now has a beautiful white Travelair, and we just HAD to fly a 2-ship. I've put my cameras under my wings, the VIRB Elite under the left wing and the 360fly under the right wing. Here is the clip:

Clip 1

I start the recording from the take-off, we're not in formation yet. We headed towards the Kinderhook Lake to meet, and Chris overtakes me as the lead around 0:30. We start with a shallow right turn, I'm now his wingman. We fly that for a while, heading roughly South, until he asks me to take over, he flies under me to the right at 1:08/1:09. I'm now the lead and don't have him on camera anymore. I head towards the Lehigh Cement factory and then start a 1/4 rate standard turn to the left, with him as my right outside wingman. We make Chris the lead again, at 1:50 he overtakes me at the right and is now the lead again. I follow him as his wingman, until we decide to break formation for landing again (around 2:28). I leave the recording until I am parked and shut down the plane.

Here is the plot of the flight, using the GPS data from my D2 Bravo Pilot Watch, plotted with Mathematica:

Here is the altitude plot:

Here is the flight on flightaware:

Don't you love my 1/4 standard rate turn to the left in slightly gusty conditions? :)

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