Flight over the Delaware River for LightHawk / Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

I experimented with the timelapse settings again, this is in 15x. I think a recording at normal speed can be boring, and if 15x is too fast for the viewer, he can always reduce the playback speed.

Unfortunately I got a bug on the camera quite early, so from 2:51 you see a bug at the top center of the clip.

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed asked LightHawk for aerial footage of the Delaware River. It was a beautiful weekend with perfect weather, both days. The source of the Delaware is between Stamford and Jefferson, NY, so I flew to my dear airport, Hudson/Columbia, for cheap fuel, which is not too far away from the source, and then headed directly to the Delaware source. Here is the section of the flight that was over the Delaware River, I overlay the GPS coordinates from my D2Pilot watch with a short Mathematica program:

This is the altitude plot, again using the D2 Pilot Watch GPS coordinates, plotted in Mathematica:

The hemispherical rule (FAR part 91.159) didn't apply because it only applies for cruise flight above 3000 ft. AGL.

Here is the clip:

Clip 1

You can see Stamford and the two small lakes coming in at 2:00. I keep heading towards Jefferson and then turn left. The Delaware starts at that lake near Stamford. It's barely visible, but it starts to carry more water quickly.

Some notable points are: Hobart, 2:15, Delhi, 2:44, Walton, 3:12, Cannonsville Reservoir, 3:29ff, Deposit, 3:50, Hancock, 4:10, Narrowsburg, 5:06, Point Jervis / High Point, 5:59, Bushkill, 6:44, Delaware Water Gap (through the Kittatinny Ridge), 7:04ff, Beaver Brook Wildlife Management Area, 7:24, Phillipsburg area, 7:48, NRG Gilbert, 8:07, Milford, 8:15, Frenchtown, 8:19, Trenton (visible in the distance, I broke off before reaching it), 8:56.

I then head home, but I leave the recording on, until I leave the runway.

Flightaware has the flight, but the first section in the hills is missing:

zommed in on the part that is complete:

You can see that the Delaware forms the Northern border between NJ and PA.

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