Flight over the Delaware River for LightHawk / Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

I experimented with the timelapse settings again, this is in 15x. I think a recording at normal speed can be boring, and if 15x is too fast for the viewer, he can always reduce the playback speed.

This is "part 2", on Sep 10 I didn't record the part of the Delaware River that goes from Trenton all the way down to the bay. For this flight I first flew to Cape May, KWWD, to mount and turn on the cameras. Then I flew upstream, passing by Wilmington, Philly International, North Philly, Trenton, Allentown, Delaware Water Gap, Kittatinny Ridge, and then Port Jervis / High Point. I then headed to Hudson Columbia again. I overlay the GPS coordinates from my VIRB Elite camera with a short Mathematica program:

This is the altitude plot, again using the VIRB Elite coordinates, plotted in Mathematica:

The hemispherical rule (FAR part 91.159) didn't apply because it only applies for cruise flight above 3000 ft. AGL.

Here is the clip:

Clip 1

For my return flight I have experimented with the Economy HD recording mode of the VIRB Elite, but that didn't turn out well. It's only 720p resolution. I fly back home over the Hudson River, again my typical route: Southbound over the Hudson, then over the Statue of Liberty, Newark airport, and then back home to Morristown. Here are the two clips:

Clip 2

Clip 3

Here is my return flight:

Flightaware has the flights:

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