LightHawk Fly-In Oct 21 / 22 2017

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

My video is in time-lapse, Tom's videos are not. Tom and I had agreed to meet over the Glens Falls VOR for a 2-ship formation flight, then northbound over Lake George, Ft. Ticonderoga to Basin Harbor (at Lake Champlain).

We recorded our flight in VIRB Elite cameras that store the GPS coordintes. I have written a short Mathematica program to create a little YouTube animation with those .gpx files.

This is part 1, on the 21st, please see also part 2 on the 22nd.

Here is my clip, that's the timelapse from my Mooney, facing towards Tom's Piper Comanche. It was very smooth air, the timelapse did not end up looking shakey due to turbulence. It was not only a perfect day for flying, it was also a perfect day for timelapse recording. You can see Tom joining me for a 2ship around 5:20.

Clip 1

Here are Tom's clips, they are facing towards my Mooney. You can see me coming in around 11:13 in Clip 2.

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

I overlay the GPS coordinates from my D2 Pilot watch with a short Mathematica program:

Here is a relief plot:

This is the altitude plot, again using the D2 Pilot watch coordinates, plotted in Mathematica. I stayed below 3000 until about 20 nm S of Albany, when he climbed me to 4,500 ft., in order to overfly Albany. I then descended to 3,500 ft. to meet up with Tom over the Glens Falls VOR.

Here is a more detailed version of our meet-up over Glens Falls, flight over Lake George, and landing, taken from Tom's VIRB Elite camera:

Here is a relief plot:

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