LightHawk Fly-In Oct 21 / 22 2017

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

This is my return, after the LightHawk annual fly-in, which this year was in Basin Harbor, VT. I first fly via Ft. Ticonderoga and Lake George, crossing Albany, to the Hudson / Columbia airport, where I met Teressa, Josh, and David, we had lunch, and then fly home to my home base Morristown, via my usual Hudson River / Manhattan Tour.

This is part 2, on the 22nd, please see also part 1 on the 21st.

First clips, from Basin Harbor to Hudson / Columbia:

Clip 1

Clip 2

I overlay the GPS coordinates from my D2 Pilot watch with a short Mathematica program:

This is the altitude plot, again using the D2 Pilot watch coordinates, plotted in Mathematica.

Here is my second flight, from Hudson/Columbia back home:

Clip 3

The street map:

This is the altitude plot:

My cottage was directly next to the Basin harbor itself, here are three pix from my balcony:

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