LightHawk Flights Nov 4, 2017

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

LightHawk asked for video along the NJ shoreline, to record the King Tides, as they hit the shore. I first flew to the Cape May airport, to set up my cameras (VIRB Elite and fly360 cameras) under my wings, and then headed off. The videos show *really* strong surf, together with strong East winds. From Cape May to Atlantic City (clips 2 and 3 below) you can see how the NJ coastline gets pelted with strong winds and high tides.

This is my relocation flight, from my home base Morristown, NJ, to Cape May, NJ:

Clip 1

This is the King Tides flight: from Cape May, until reaching Ship Bottom:

Clip 2

Clip 3

I then continue northbound, over the Varrazano Narrows Bridge, passing the Statue, Manhattan, over the Hudson, keep following the Hudson, passing West Point, Stewart AFB, and Poughkeepsie, and then land in Hudson/Columbia.

After a short break on 1B1 and replacing cameras again, I head off to record the East branch of the Delaware River, all the way from the source, to Trenton, NJ. I then head back to my home back, Morristown. Here is the Delaware clip (the East branch of the Delaware start around 1:24 clip time, I follow the Delaware until about 7:55 clip time):

Clip 4

This little pond near Grand Gorge, NY, is the source of the Delaware River (East branch):

Here are the maps for the Delaware River flight:

All flights of the day together (starting in Morristown, "in the middle"):

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